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2018-09-19 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

Regarding the $500,000-$800,000 patio homes being built, they are not patio homes but are being given patio home status, meaning they pay less property taxes than a regular homeowner. Property owners in Clarence should be furious and should be advised to contact the town supervisor, Town Board members and town assessor to end this inequity.

Under no circumstance should any elected representative of Clarence cave to the whims of the Republican Party to save them from the crisis that Chris Collins created. The Republican Party openly ignored the potential fallout of an ethics investigation and cozied up to Mr. Collins until he crashed and burned. Now they are panicking to save the seat. Do not dump him in Clarence.

I don’t think Sheridan Drive is a town road, is it? I think it’s a state road. How could changing Sheridan Drive down to two lanes affect Clarence Hollow, which is 3 miles away? Think about it.

I’m a registered Republican and have been such for many years. I’m very embarrassed by our president and what he has done so far. I think the last straw for me will be if the Clarence Town Board allows Collins to be on the ballot. If he does such, I will relinquish my affiliation with the Republican Committee and never vote Republican again.

Music is indeed inspiring, but then again so are these wonderful young adults who sang for Mr. Carmichael. The parents of these students should be so proud. I’m proud to live in Clarence and see such a beautiful article in The Bee. These students are awesome because they are respecting our senior citizens who sometimes go unnoticed. Thank you and yea to The Clarence Bee for doing this article.

Who in the Town of Clarence decides the speed limits on our roads? Heise Road has been 45 mph for years, and now someone decides to lower it to 35 mph? Why the change? Other than two or three homes built on the creek, what has changed? I’m still driving past the same cornfields that I have for years. Let’s use some sensibility when setting speed limits.

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