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2011-06-01 / Editorials

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Future superintendent’s background a good fit

A fter a process involving interviews, focus group meetings and public forums, the Clarence Central School District has selected its new superintendent from 25 candidates presented by the search firm Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates.

Geoffrey Hicks is no stranger to this area — he previously served as superintendent and principal in the Sweet Home Central School District in Amherst.

It makes sense to choose someone with his familiarity with the district. He’s worked with Superintendent Thomas Coseo, who is retiring, and collaborated with the Clarence district in the past. He’s familiar with its reputation for excellence and will, no doubt, become more familiar with its inner workings as his term of employment begins.

He’s not coming to the district with the intention of jumping in and changing everything. He understands what has been successful so far and wants to preserve the good qualities for which the district is known.

That doesn’t mean he’ll simply preserve the status quo.

Clarence Board of Education Vice President Elaine Diederich said members of the board spoke with officials from the Arlington Central School District where Hicks is presently employed who were pleased with the initiatives he had undertaken in one school year as superintendent.

Hicks said he plans to look for ways to use his strengths to enhance the educational opportunities in the district.

His years of experience in school administration are likely to stand him in good stead.

Sweet Home has about 2,000 students, according to the district’s website, and Arlington has more than 10,000, so heading up Clarence’s district of about 5,000 will be a challenge in line with ones he’s faced before.

The students, parents, teachers, staff, administration and residents of Clarence are all key stakeholders in the future of the town’s education. They had an opportunity to be involved in the superintendent selection process in various ways, and now that a replacement for Superintendent Thomas Coseo has been chosen, they have continued opportunities to share their hopes for the future through attendance at School Board meetings, communication with the district and active involvement in its programs.

More information about Hicks and the Clarence district can be found at www.clarenceschools.org.

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