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2011-06-01 / Local News

County, Strickler intersection gets sign upgrade

Stop signs were upgraded on May 25 at the intersection of County and Strickler roads, the site of numerous accidents in recent years, including one that occurred last week.

The work included the installation of larger stop signs at the intersection and auxiliary signs on the left, according to a release from the office of Erie County Executive Chris Collins.

The county’s public works commissioner, Jerry Sentz, directed that the signs at that intersection be upgraded following an extensive review of the intersection, the release said. The decision was based on an assessment of recent accident reports, the accident history at the location, and discussion with investigating officers.

Similar work was also done today at the intersection of County and Salt roads.

The release noted that the county has had a plan in place to upgrade all road and traffic signs to meet new Federal Highway Administration mandates, but the work at County and Strickler was prioritized due to the recent accident record at the intersection.

“As we continue to upgrade traffic signs across Erie County, we encourage drivers to remain attentive while operating their vehicles,” said Sentz. “Following road markings, sign directions and keeping to the speed limit will drastically reduce the amount of car crashes and ultimately save lives.”

A school bus and car collided at the intersection of County and Strickler roads on May 18. Four people sustained minor injuries, and the Erie County Sheriff’s Office said the 18-year-old driver of the car did not see the stop sign. Four teens were killed at the same intersection in November 2009 after the driver of their vehicle failed to stop at the stop sign, according to information from the Sheriff’s Office.

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