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2012-07-18 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.In response to the message about the two beagles, perhaps the writer should be even more annoyed that two other dogs on Shimerville Road just killed beautiful peacocks, and a white mangy dog runs loose daily defecating on all the neighbors’ lawns. If the beagles live in the house we are thinking of, those people are friendly, kind, and their house is beautiful. As elderly residents on Shimerville, we would think your time could be spent far better focusing on real issues, such as dogs running wild throughout Shimerville Road.

.As a man who lives across the street from the home with the beagles, I want to make it clear they do not incessantly bark. Beagles are typical dogs who occasionally bark. It doesn’t help that other loose dogs in the area are running wild on everyone’s property, including mine. The beagles are harmless and adorable.

.Pursuant to the article about the Senior Center board election, our town councilman says that by having members select candidates for the board it becomes a popularity contest. Is that what it was when he was nominated and elected for the town council, just a popularity contest and not necessarily the best candidate? Makes me wonder.

.As a former employee of Clarence schools, I find it appalling that the new superintendent writes how great the technology department is. This year I know they laid off three technology people. It’s odd they are going to increase the budget when they are laying off people. The superintendent needs to rethink his strategy.

.Referring to the Senior Center election, I prefer the Town Board itself appoint board members as in the past. If this is not possible, I’d like to see the center’s board select the candidates and perhaps put these few years to rest.

.Yes, I am a member of the Clarence Senior Center and, yes, the members should elect board members. You did a good job with the article, and it was good to see that all sides were discussed.

.I am a senior center member and had the opportunity in the past to elect our board members, but I can understand why so few have volunteered to join the board. If the board held proper elections I might consider running for a position. I can’t understand why the town is so accepting of election improprieties at the center.

.I am a member of the Clarence Senior Center, and I believe Senior Center members must elect board members. It is the democratic way. After reading the Bee article, I can only conclude the Town Board supports unfair elections and taking away members’ voting privileges at the center. As a taxpayer, it is not right and illegal, and I consider the moral integrity of the Town Board to be unstable. Let Senior Center members elect board members.

.There have been recent articles regarding two requests for multifamily apartment units to be located in the Town of Clarence. Kolber suggested a six-month moratorium. I highly agree with him and think even more time should be taken to consider traffic, density and safety for residents and neighborhoods. A large increase in the number of children moving into Clarence could affect enrollment at our local schools. Please, Town Board and Planning Board members, don’t be in such a rush to approve some of these projects.

.I am a member of the Clarence Senior Center and believe members should be allowed to elect the board of directors. The 2011 election was a disservice to center members and taxpayers. Why is the Town Board going along with all of this? Seniors are taxpayers and deserve better than this.

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