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2013-10-30 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I am a regular user of the Peanut Line Bike Path. For the past several months, I’ve noticed a lot of security patrols on the bike path, and I am very happy to see that. The officers were always very nice and even helped me out with a flat tire on my bicycle back in July. It seems like all of a sudden I don’t see any patrols on the bike paths anymore. Where did all the officers go? It’s a real shame since the weather has been so nice. Seeing the officers on the path gave me a better sense of security.

.The sidewalks on Clarence Center Road next to Clarence Center Elementary School have weeds growing up to three to four feet with only a single lane passage through that, if that. With winter coming, this will force walkers to walk in the road. If no one is going to take responsibility for that property, it would seem that the town would have to take care of this proper ty .

.For Halloween, parents please remind your children not to go to homes with no lights on.

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