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2017-09-06 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

Mr. Casilio, you have to do something about Spectrum. Since they have come into our area, we keep getting calls that are telemarketers. They are bouncing off everything in the area, and the calls come up as our neighbors calling our houses, but it’s telemarketers, not our neighbors. Since Spectrum took over for Time Warner, we’ve had nothing but issues. Why can’t we get Verizon to come into our neighborhood?

Can’t help but notice that some residential homes are now being used for commercial businesses. Why?

To the parents of children playing sports in the Clarence School District, I know that all athletes and parents are aware that cuts must be made and not everyone trying out is expected to make the cut, but I’m wondering how many parents know that if your child doesn’t meet certain income guidelines or posses the right DNA makeup, that after the first day of tryouts you need not bother to get up at the crack of dawn to have your child try out. Maybe we parents should have a say in and question the coaches before they are hired.

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