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2018-01-17 / Business

CHA gears up for plans in 2018

President Clarence Hollow Association

A new year has begun, and it is with great enthusiasm that the Clarence Hollow Board of Directors begins another year making the Hollow a better place to live, work and recreate.

We closed out a very successful 2017 with our holiday party at the Clarence Town Park. A big thank you to Jonathan Bleuer, a junior planner for the town, for his presentation of how the new Town of Clarence Main Street plan affects Clarence Hollow. Everyone had a festive time enjoying all of the different food dishes from our member restaurants and having a chance to socialize with members and friends. Also, thank you to CHA board members Ilene Polley and Heather Milone for chairing the party and to all the other board members for helping them out.

At this month’s board meeting, we welcomed a new board member. Nicholas Hereth is the new senior branch manager at the Clarence Hollow M&T Bank. Before coming to the Clarence branch, he worked at the Sheridan-Evans branch. He came to the Hollow holiday party and had a chance to meet everyone and help us out. At this month’s board meeting, we voted him in as CHA board secretary. The other members of the CHA board for 2018 are Domenic Cortese, president of Cortese Construction, as vice president; Heather Milone, office manager of J. O’Connell & Associates Grants Consultants, as treasurer; Paul Cambria, owner of Gianni Mazia’s; Bob Lenz, owner of Asa Ransom House; Ilene Polley, resident member; Larry Ramunno, resident member; Taylor Reynolds, co-owner of Farmers Insurance; and once again, no one wants my job, so I will again be president.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Councilman Bob Geiger for being our town liaison for the past six years. He will no longer be acting in this capacity, as the Town Board removed any Town Board member from serving as a liaison to the Clarence Hollow Association, the Farmers Market or the Clarence Chamber of Commerce.

After many meetings with the Town Board, we have finally come to an agreement concerning our purchase and installation of a large clock at the Farmers Market. Of course, now the weather is interfering with its installation, so look for the new clock in the spring when the weather breaks.

Shortly, invitations for businesses and residents will be going out to become a member of the Clarence Hollow Association. The mailing will give businesses options for different levels of membership, and resident members can join for $20 a year. If you were not a member last year, we would love to have you join our efforts this year to make the Hollow a better place. You can obtain an application by emailing Heather Milone at hmilone@grantsareus.com.

We are already receiving inquiries concerning when the next Hollowfest will be held. It is scheduled at the Clarence Town Park on Friday, June 29; Saturday, June 30; and Sunday, July 1, with fireworks on July 1. Stay tuned for more information on Hollowfest in my articles in the coming months. Many new things, as well as building on our successes, will happen.

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