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2018-04-11 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

Again, I wanted to take my grandchild to the Clarence park at Wehrle and Harris Hill, and the gates were closed. I do not know why residents are not allowed to use this taxpayer-funded park. I wanted to go on Easter Sunday, but again gates were closed. What’s going on? Why do we have a gated park?

Isn’t anyone else in Clarence concerned about the unbridled overdevelopment of the area without the infrastructure to support it? These McMansions that are being built are going to create traffic problems on two-lane roads. What does the town think? Are they planning to use eminent domain to make Harris Hill, Greiner, Shimerville and other roads four-lane highways to support the traffic? This is ridiculous. The town board needs to be held accountable for the inappropriate overdevelopment of the area.

I support Congressman Collins in not wasting his time at a Democrat rally masquerading as a forum on gun violence. The Clarence children should direct their anger at all the warnings on that Florida shooter and failed government policies that did not act on him.

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