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2018-04-11 / Local News

Stankevich suspends campaign for 27th District

Stankevich Stankevich On Monday, Nick Stankevich suspended his grassroots congressional campaign against Chris Collins for

New York’s 27th District, according to a statement from his campaign staff.

“I’m proud of the campaign I ran and proud of my team,” Stankevich said. “I will take the lessons learned and the warmth from our neighbors who yearn for a better tomorrow, to continue fighting to make our community better. “As always, I encourage every decision you make to have people at the heart of it, along with humility, compassion and kindness. The people of Western New York deserve that in their representative.”

Stankevich’s statement said he wants to remind everyone, Republican or Democrat, of the strength that they hold in their hands — that their vote won’t just affect change for two years, but be a symbol of hope for generations to come.

“The promise of America is not only that your vote will count, but also that it will mean something,” he said. “It assures you that we are a part of something bigger than right now. Our decision at the ballot box will be judged in the history books, and our children and grandchildren count on us to give them a better future than we could ever imagine. May God bless the United States of America.”

Stankevich’s departure from the race leaves Nate McMurray as the only Democrat running against Collins, a Republican.

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