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2018-05-16 / Business

NOCO expands natural gas and electric through energy efficiency solutions

NOCO recently announced that the company is expanding its natural gas and electric business through the launch of a new division: NOCO Energy Efficiency Solutions. The new division was created to provide energy efficiency measures for commercial and multifamily residential properties.

“This is the continuing evolution of our 85-year-old company that started with my grandfather’s coal delivery business, to today where we are investing resources in new technologies and services to help our customers meet energy efficiency standards and mandates,” said NOCO President James D. Newman.

NOCO Energy Efficiency Solutions specializes in improving building performance to reduce energy costs for commercial customers and owners of multifamily residential properties. NOCO’s energy auditors utilize diagnostic tools to identify areas that need improvement. After completing the initial building assessment, NOCO then develops a set of recommended energy improvements and installs the energy saving measures including high efficiency lighting, heating and cooling services, insulation, and building envelope improvements.

“Our current natural gas and electric customers have been asking us for solutions to help them reduce their energy costs and improve building performance,” said Mickey Zablonski, vice president and general manager of NOCO Natural Gas & Electric. “We have been focused on helping to reduce natural gas and electric bills through supply charges, and this new venture will provide even more added value to our customers.”

NOCO Energy Efficiency Solutions also will work with customers to secure the qualifying state and utility rebates and incentives, including assistance with filling out applications. The timeframe from the initial building assessment to applying for rebates takes approximately six weeks.

For more information or a free estimate, call 614-3248 or visit noco.com.

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