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2018-07-11 / Business


It’s in the name...

True Care Veterinary Hospital is there for your pet

Our pets face many challenges. Prevention should be the focus, and that is where both you (the pet owner) and your veterinarian (hopefully, True Care Veterinary Hospital) form the preventive care team. It starts at home by knowing your pets’ routine, ensuring they are eating a balanced diet and knowing what’s in the diet, providing regular coat care and by interacting with your pets to strengthen the bond you share. All of these things allow you to spot problems as early as possible. Good veterinary preventive care involves a yearly physical exam for all dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and pocket pets, and checking their “weight progress” and discussing any problems or concerns you may have regarding their health. Routine screening for parasites -- both inside and out - - is critical, as is preventing them through the use of regular anti-parasite medications. Vaccination is important to prevent the spread of the many viral and bacterial diseases out there, but discuss the risk level your pets have with True Care and tailor a preventive care program that best meets their needs. If your pets get sick or injured, provide as detailed a history as you can. Remember that sick animals are often like jigsaw puzzles with no picture on the box and pieces missing. True Care uses history, exams and testing to fill in some of those missing pieces. True Care is located at 10255 Main St., Suite 2, Clarence. For more information, call 759-6225, or 870-0628 (evenings until 11 p.m.).

10255 Main Street • Clarence 759.6225 • EMERGENCY: 870.0628

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